Why SISL for HP?

SISL is a leading HP Certified Partner. We have achieved the highest levels of expertise in HP technology, delivering end-to-end infrastructure solutions.

Thanks to our longstanding relationship with HP we access the very best prices and have direct links into their business, enabling us to offer the very best service.

Our expertise spans the entire product stack including:
Server – blade, rack and tower including WINtel industry standard machines and business critical machines incorporating the latest RAS features
Storage – SAN, NAS, fiber channel and iSCI including cutting-edge scale-out and 3PAR utility based storage
Client Deployments – whatever you need; PC, workstation, laptop, thin client and virtual desktop infrastructure
Networking – core-to-edge open standard networking and security technology
Software – growing and exciting software solutions including security, business intelligence and technology optimization
Services – delivery and management of HP standard services including installation, warranties and maintenance

Rest assured whatever your solution you’ll be in safe hands. Our technical team covers the whole product range and is there to ensure your project goes smoothly. We’ll design and deploy your solution plus train you so your team can confidently manage the technology thereafter. If you want to focus on other things we’ll support your solution too.