Attachmate delivers advanced software for terminal emulation, legacy modernization, managed file transfer, and enterprise fraud management. Attachmate is one of four business units in a privately held enterprise software holding company called The Attachmate Group. The other three business units are Novell, NetIQ, and SUSE.

Attachmate Solutions offerings:

Windows 7 and Host Access: next-gen terminal emulators for Windows 7

Managed File Transfer: Offers products to overcome file transfer problems of old FTP

Legacy Modernization Via Service Enablement: Provides wide range of resources for unlocking legacy assets and using them with modern technologies.

Legacy Modernization Via Web Enablement: Jump-starts modernization strategy by using resource center for legacy web enablement and rejuvenation.

Cloud Enabling Mainframe Applications: Removes legacy impediments to doing business in the cloud and offers solutions in cloud-specific resource portal

Secure Mainframe Access: Protects mainframe data with Attachmate terminal emulation solutions-all built to meet evolving security threats and stringent regulations.

Unisys Host Access: Offers secure Unisys solutions to organizations that have zero tolerance for mistakes or delays-including the largest banks in the U.S., the world's major airline companies, and multiple government agencies worldwide.

Airlines Solutions: Offers secure airlines connectivity, printing, peripheral management, and common use operations.

Citrix-Ready Host Access: Delivers automated deployment, optimal performance, and easier upgrades for Virtualization applications which are Citrix compatible.